PES supports GEOkomm

GEOkomm Berlin/Brandenburg

PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH supports GEOkomm (Association of the GeoInformation Industry Berlin/Brandenburg eV). Under this link you will find a new, interactive brochure from the association. As a growing industry, the geoinformation industry offers innovative products and services. GEOkomm represents the industry and initiates innovation networks and international cooperation.

Corona update

Corona Virus Update Nuremberg

PES is there for you without restrictions, even during the Corona pandemic!

Donation by PES GmbH: Charity-Dinner with Markus König

Markus König CSU Nuremberg

Andreas Krieglstein, parliamentary group leader of the CSU Nuremberg city council group, writes: »At the beginning of February we collected money for a good cause at a charity dinner in the Kornburg gondola village. To date, 2,600 euros have been raised. In this way we support the Stapf children's and youth center in Nuremberg. The curative education day care center for preschool children (HPT mini), which is currently being built, is providing urgently needed [...]

Networking machines

Network PES machines

»In energy management we aim to drive forward developments that lead to productivity gains and cost savings for customers.«

New cooperation

Packaging technology Becker

»Since August 1, 2015, the company PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH has been a partner of the founded Becker Verpackungstechnologie SÜD GmbH.«

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