Continuation of resistance welding

»Welding and resistance welding from experts«

PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH takes over the succession of the successful sales agency Schlauteck Schweisstechnik

For around 28 years, the Schlauteck Schweisstechnik sales agency was a reliable partner to numerous companies, especially automotive suppliers. The product range ranged from resistance welding to inductive soldering to welding current controls. Company boss Schlauteck worked for well-known manufacturers of resistance and robotic welding systems and therefore has a respectable wealth of experience.

The Schlauteck Schweisstechnik sales agency has been solving numerous problems in welding and resistance welding for its customers for many years and has also designed special resistance welding machines as well as tools and electrodes for special requirements in resistance welding. Since simple welding tasks were also part of everyday work, the sales representative worked with numerous partners from trade and industry. This also applies to PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH, which is now the company's successor.

Mr. Schlauteck, expert in welding and resistance welding, is slowly entering his well-deserved retirement and has entrusted PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH as his successor. Since his experience in the areas of welding and resistance welding is very valuable, we are pleased that he will continue to be available to us - and therefore also to you, dear customers - with his know-how and wealth of experience.

PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH – More service for you
PES has been working successfully for companies in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the manufacturing industry for many years. They greatly appreciate the reliable support provided by professional industrial assembly and delivery assembly of new machines, the relocation of machine tools, glass processing machines or entire production systems, as well as the construction of special machines. Service and project management are of course an integral part of our portfolio. By expanding our offering, you now also benefit from new systems, spare parts as well as extensive services and expert advice in the areas of welding and resistance welding.

The experts at PES have years of experience with automated welding work. With the strategic restructuring and the integration of resistance welding technology, we can now offer you comprehensive project support that meets your requirements in the best possible way. We see Mr. Schlauteck's professional advice as a particular advantage for you, as an expert in automated welding and resistance welding as a service provider who, if necessary, will work with us to efficiently lead your demanding projects to success.

As a commercial agency, PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH takes over the distribution of CEA systems.

Of course, if you wish, you can receive retrofitting, maintenance and the provision of spare parts for other manufacturers or makes at any time - corresponding service included.

Welding and resistance welding by experts
A trusting collaboration is created primarily through proximity to the customer. Therefore, if you wish, we will come to you at any time to inspect the welding task directly on site. This enables us to show you very specific solutions and prevent any difficulties from arising in the first place.

We also support your projects in the areas of welding and resistance welding in the usual professional, flexible, timely and service-oriented manner.

Below we give you a small insight into our range of services:

  • Resistance welding machines
  • Machines for induction soldering
  • Machines for arc welding
  • Special machines for automated welding
  • Welding guns
  • Welding controls
  • Accessories and spare parts

In addition to resistance welding systems, we also offer you special machines for welding. Of course, spare parts and important accessories such as electrodes and robot cells are also part of our offering. The range of services also includes individual machines and service or conversion of existing systems.

Have we not listed your welding and resistance welding needs here? Call us! We can certainly still help you quickly and easily.

Do you have other questions about welding and resistance welding? With us you have a direct line to the experts. Feel free to give us a call!

Sales & advice on welding technology
Project management and sales
Marcus Krämer
+49 (0) 171 22 20 25 0

Our competent sales partner, project-s ST GmbH, will be happy to advise you and will be happy to assist you at any time in the area of welding and resistance welding.

We are pleased about the smooth takeover of the Schlauteck Schweisstechnik commercial agency. Whenever you need competent specialists in the areas of welding and resistance welding, let us know. We would also be happy to make our many years of experience and Mr. Schlauteck's know-how available to you for your projects in the areas of welding and resistance welding.

Your team at PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH – experts in welding and resistance welding