PES is committed to sustainable goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the 17 United Nations goals for sustainable development by 2030. They cover issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, clean water, climate change and peace. Implementation requires a holistic strategy and cooperation between governments, companies and civil society. The SDGs are intended to ensure that all people, regardless of their origin or social status, can live a life of dignity and respect the earth's ecological limits in order to create a sustainable future for all.  

The PES supports the FoodSavers

The PES donates vehicles to food rescuers, which in turn provide numerous foodstuffs to people of all social classes.

The PES minimizes work accidents

Another concern of PES is to promote the health of our employees, prevent work-related hazards and keep the number of accidents at work as low as possible. In addition to expanding health management, targeted training, advice and safety instructions are intended to help raise employees' awareness of potential hazards.

The PES and further education

The rapid development in science and technology forces us to keep up with the current pace (Economy 4.0, Working World 4.0, digitalization, etc.). We meet the challenges of these changes with continuous "lifelong learning", so that PES secures its own competitiveness and performance in the long term.

The PES promotes diversity

As a further objective, we want to further increase the high level of diversity we have already achieved in terms of gender equality, age and experience background.

PES saves water

The quality of drinking water in Germany is one of the best in the world, so we are all the more conscious about using this resource sparingly. Not only in our everyday lives, but also in our projects.

High standards

The PES ensures transparent rules in the areas of working hours and with its own wiki – and documents them. We strive for constant growth.

The PES promotes research

In several certified projects, we develop projects in our field (machine control) with renowned research institutions. We cooperate with the University of Potsdam in the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) and have already implemented several projects. Another research proposal has currently been submitted.

Activities against racism and discrimination

In addition to diversity as part of our corporate culture, PES sets an example against racism and discrimination through volunteer activities.

The PES stands for sustainability in the supply chain

At PES, we are committed to integrating sustainability into the procurement process (giving preference to regional suppliers where possible) and to complying with comprehensive due diligence obligations for the preservation and protection of the environment, thereby acknowledging our responsibility to society. 

For PES, climate protection is a matter of course

PES integrates sustainability into the procurement process (giving preference to regional suppliers where possible). PES thus observes the comprehensive due diligence obligations for the preservation and protection of the environment and thus acknowledges its responsibility to society. 

The PES is committed to peace, justice and strong institutions

Managing Director Markus Portuné voluntarily supports numerous associations and institutions that promote democracy, equality and positive coexistence.

The PES promotes partnerships

PES always strives for a sustainable partnership with its customers and suppliers. We advise our customers, but also seek appropriate advice.

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