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We are distributors of the company P.E.I.-POINT SRL. Also other well-known manufacturers belong to our partners. Talk to us about your wishes, we will realize them.

Welding machines by P.E.I.-Point SrI …

... in a wide variety of designs. For maximum flexibility and freedom of movement at the workplace or at the production island. Versions with internal or external welding control, adapted to your requirements.

Special machines

Doppelkopfschweißanlagen, Rundtaktschweißanlagen, Schutzgasschweißanlagen …

Industrial assembly

Our technicians support you in the mechanical or electrical assembly of your systems in your factory or at your customer's premises. We are also happy to take over the complete assembly of modules from manufacturing to implementation.

PES – Portuné Engineering Service GmbH mit Sitz in Nürnberg, wurde aus der seit 2004 bestehenden Portuné Industry Service gegründet. PES ist ein Maschinenbauunternehmen, welches sich auf den Bau von Sondermaschinen und dem Service an komplexen Maschinen und Anlagen spezialisiert hat. Dazu gehört vor allem das Widerstandsschweißen. Unsere Serviceteams sind ferner spezialisiert auf die fachgerechte Wartung und Störungsbeseitigung an reflex Druckhalte- und Entgasungsanlagen.

PES takes on the challenges of looking after its customers' third-party machines and plants and supports them in repairing and carrying out retrofitting work on existing plants for the tasks of tomorrow. With specialized assembly teams, PES takes responsibility for assembly without interfering with customers' core competencies. PES offers customers complete project management from a single source. PES also provides additional technical services, such as after-sales service and maintenance. Furthermore, PES is prospectively specializing in the Industry 4.0 enablement of complex technical plants in the inventory, where PES in particular contributes its entire expertise and understanding of technical plant design and operation.

Markus Portuné XING
Der Geschäftsführer

Markus Portuné

In 2004 Markus Portuné, Managing Director of PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH (PES), founded a company that provided equipment servicing mainly for the glass processing industry. Over time the company expanded its range to include equipment and special-purpose machines for toolmaking and its automation.

PES Nürnberg Markus Portuné Wirtschaftswoche