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Commercial agency taken over for »Schlauteck Schweißtechnik«

Following many years of cooperation with Schlauteck, PES took over as its commercial agency on January 1, 2015. Mr. Schlauteck continues to be available to you for consultation, project planning and sales of welding systems and spare parts.

We carry out services for the following machine types:

  • Resistance welding machines
  • Special purpose welding systems
  • Inductive soldering
  • Welding current controls
  • Portable spot welding guns
    PES Nuremberg welding technology

    Roll seam machines

    Our disc welding machines for resistance welding make it possible to connect metals with a series of welding processes generated by electrodes in copper alloy. The longitudinal and traverse roll seam welding machine makes it possible to weld cylindrical containers such as fire extinguishers, radiators, tanks, filters and various similar products at the highest quality. 3-phase direct current or medium frequency (1000 Hz) roll seam welding machines can be delivered for special requirements. Medium-frequency roll seam welding machines make high-quality welding possible at very fast welding speeds. These are ideal welding connections for thin metal sheet as well as for filter net and ensure minimal material deformation.

    Spot welding machines

    We distribute spot welding machines manufactured by P.E.I.-Point SrI. Our partners also include other manufacturing companies. Talk to us about your requirements and we will ensure your needs are met.

    Portable spot welding guns

    Our portable PN-series spot welding guns are offered with integrated or external control, depending on the version. The synchronous weld control S1 is used for PN 4/PN 6. From PN 8, the digital weld control PX1600 is used. In addition, we offer the option of converting to a control unit supplied by HIE.
    PEI spot welding gun

    Special purpose machinery

    Special purpose machinery manufacture for welding equipment is one of our main areas of expertise. From rotary indexing systems or robot-controlled systems to welding tools and more, our preferences cover the entire spectrum of resistance welding equipment. You tell us your wishes and we will turn them into reality.

    electrode caps

    We sell a variety of electrodes, electrode caps, electrode holders, etc.: You will find our entire range in our electrode catalog. We can also offer small quantities at very good conditions: Tell us your product, we will offer you the right electrode!

    Electrodes and electrode caps catalog

    Control units

    In the are of control units, we work with the leading manufacturers for microprocessor controls in welding equipment. Welding parameters can be specified very precisely here to guarantee maximum quality for each individual weld.
    Controls implemented by PES in Nuremberg

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