Cooperation between PES and Brühl

»Bei Montageengpässen unterstützt PES Brühl als atmende Ressource.«

During the 2014 fair Automatica in Munich, Mr. Portuné visited the company Hans Georg Brühl GmbH.

Brühl is one of the leading manufacturers of protective grid and safety devices. For this purpose, Brühl developed safety concepts for machines and plants that are specially adapted to global and specific standards.

In addition to the tried-and-tested system in which Brühl has gained high reputation through top quality and innovation, Brühl introduced its safety fence High Resistant. The new High Resistant safety fence meets the standards ISO 12100, ISO 10218 und ISO14120 and is specially designed for robot cells. Also, the pendulum test ISO 14120 is not a problem for this safety fence.

The executive directors of Brühl and PES, Mr. Brühl (left) and Mr. Portuné, after having met at the fair booth, agreed on extending their longstanding partnership in future. PES will maintain using safety concept by the Brühl company for their (PES) constructed, manufactured, and fitted robotic weld cells. During periods of assembly bottlenecks PES will support Brühl with resources.

We would like to say thank you for the longstanding partnership and the mutual trust! We are happy to support Brühl with our assembly technicians nationally and internationally, now and in future.

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