ADAC driver safety training

Marcus Krämer – safe for you when it comes to electrodes and resistance welding technology

As PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH we are constantly on duty for our customers. This is independent of whether in the field of resistance welding technology, ppressure vessel inspection as a service partner for reflex or for other applications around the mechanical engineering.

Here it is important that our service technicians in resistance welding, pressure maintenance and mechanical engineering are proficient in their service vehicle and are sensitized to the dangers in road traffic. For this reason, the ADAC in Schlüsselfeld – supported by the employers' liability insurance association – offers a driving safety training course every two years. This training has helped us to improve our driving skills and risk awareness. Some of the contents of the training are:

– Braking and swerving on different road surfaces, – cornering and countersteering when there is a risk of skidding – keeping distance and overtaking on the freeway, and – correct behavior in the event of accidents and breakdowns.

After successfully completing the training with our service technicians, we feel well prepared to reach our customers and partners quickly and safely. In addition to well-qualified employees, we focus on continuous training in order to achieve the best possible result for our customers in pressure vessel inspection as a service partner of reflex, in welding technology and in mechanical engineering.

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