Further training of two assemblers to electrotechnically instructed persons (EUP)

One of our core philosophies is the specific further training of our employees.

In order to be even more flexible in future, our assemblers Mr Robert Hofmann and Mr Marco Ackermann have acquired the additional qualification as an electrotechnically instructed person (EuP). The training and adjoining exam was conducted by the TÜV Akademie Nürnberg.

The training covers the following areas of expertise:

  • Principles of electrical engineering
  • Accident prevention regulations BGV A1 and BGV A3, DIN VDE 0105 – part 100, norms and rules of technology
  • Legal responsibilities regarding occupational safety of entrepreneurs, managers and electrotechnically instructed persons for the accessing of and working in closed electrical plants and working with supplies.
  • Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, TRBS
  • Appointing of the position: electrotechnically instructed person
  • Permitted activities of the EuP
  • Impact and dangers of electric current
  • Safety measures and personal protective equipment
  • Responsible behaviour when dealing with mistakes and accidents

Especially in the fields of machine relocation, delivered assembly and services including glass machining plants and machine tools, these acquired skills are well applicable!


We thank Mr Hofmann and Mr Ackermann for their commitment and congratulate them on successfully completing the exam!



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Further training of two assemblers to electrotechnically instructed persons (EUP)

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