Special system for checking the coating of spectacle lenses

One of Germany’s top manufacturers of spectacles required a system for testing the raw glass on delivery. A system which can test the pull, pressure and abrasion of spectacle lenses. The test is partially specified in a DIN/EN norm.

The request was a parameterisable solution to raise the system’s flexibility. Therefor a dialogue control was necessary. The system was also to be compact and closable. Security technology was obligatory.

checking the coating

Here you can see the three possible tests
(from left to right)

abrasion test
pull test
pressure test

abrasion test

abrasion test:

First the glass is vacuum fixed onto a rubber lip. The standardised test includes a cylinder imitating a lifting movement which is limited by sensors. The pressure is applied by a special mechanism within a tolerance zone of ± 1 Nm. The number of lifting movements can be set with the Siemens-dialogue-control.

pull test

pull test:

The client conducts an additional test to the norm – here the blocker with the adhesive pad is glued onto the surface. A tension spring including a permanent display is pulled by a pneumatic cylinder. The “Abreiskraft” can be read from the normed spring scale.


pressure test:

The glass is set into a normed test ring on a specially manufactured fixture. A pneumatic cylinder that applies a defined amount of pressure together with the calibrated expansion chamber, applies pressure via the feeler onto the spectacle lese. The maximally applied pressure, possibly up until the breaking of the glass, can be read in Newton from the capsule.



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