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Modern manufacturing requires complex and often highly specialised machinery and equipment that works reliably. Stoppages hurt your bottom line. The experts at PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH from Nüremberg make sure everything runs smoothly. This service provider undertakes installation, repairs and assembly, but it also develops and builds its own machines. A new digital product is also in the pipeline.

In 2004 Markus Portuné, Managing Director of PES Portuné Engineering Service GmbH (PES), founded a company that provided equipment servicing mainly for the glass processing industry. Over time the company expanded its range to include equipment and special-purpose machines for toolmaking and its automation.

A digital product is now in its test phase
PES carries out installation, repair and assembly work for initial installations and relocations, on behalf of both machine manufacturers and operators. It also develops and builds individual facilities to customers’ specifications. Its clients come from the automobile and electronics industry, as well as from general manufacturing.

Since 2016 this service provider has been working with the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam, on a digital solution that will provide a better overview: “The manufacturers use various IT solutions that do not readily communicate with each other. So we have developed a product that makes it possible to display the statuses of the machines and any error reports in real time and, consequently, enables continuous improvement of the production process,” explained Markus Portuné. The product is currently in its test phase and will be going into production as soon as possible. Further developments in the digital field are expected to follow. “The collaboration with the Hasso-Plattner-Institut is invaluable,” said Mr Portuné.

This company is known for the quality of its products and services as well as for its reliability, customer proximity and value for money. It also has a strong focus on the issue of energy management.

“Here, too, we aim to drive forward new developments that lead to productivity gains and cost savings for customers. We expect our first products to be ready by the end of 2019,” promised Markus Portuné.
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