Assembly, relocation and Implementing of the 50th manufacturing plant

For over 10 years mounted PES – Portuné Engineering Service GmbH own responsibility for our customers manufacturing plants.

Specifically, the following services have been transmitted to us:

  • Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic module installation
  • Partial electrical installation
  • Completion of the installation and alignment of the axes
  • Start-up the machine with product
  • Pre-acceptance at the factory
  • Partial perform logistics considering the Incoterms
  • Disassembling and loading the system on trucks or containers
  • Reassembling and parameterizing of the machine at the customer
  • Staff training in German or English

With a bit of pride that we were able to before the year-end the 50th Take system for our client in Poland in operation. On this plant are now among other MAN truck rear window produced for the European market.

Of course, we act on behalf of our clients and work clothes. We derive all inquiries to our client on. A trusting relationship which has strengthened over the years, for which we would like to thank this opportunity!
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